Many Many people have asked me, what is Tava?

Well, a Tava is a serving dish that we use in our Restaurant for serving the Chefs specially recommended dishes such as Chicken Tikka Tava, Chingri Dish or Lamb Tikka Zafrani.

The Tava is described as a flat, round, disc shaped griddle, made from Cast Iron. For many years people in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan have used the Tava to prepare several kinds of Rotis or Breads, such as Chapatis, Parathas etc.

I decided to use this dish for a couple of reasons, the first being that no other restaurant in the area uses this style of cooking and the second was that I wanted my customers to experience the presentation and special flavour of the food cooked and served sizzling in the Tava.

I have been in the restaurant trade for 15 years and I know that the customer wants consistantly good quality food, served by friendly, helpful staff. Here at the Tava this is always our emphasis.

We know that quality comes from buying fresh and serving fresh. Take a trip down to Holt and try Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine at it’s best.